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The Lab

GlyCop Cooperative: Custom bulk glyconutrient manufacturer.
We use the finest ingredients available in the industry.

Thank you all for making the co-op a success. Please visit our ongoing research at https://raindrop.io/glycop 
  • The co-op keeps a limited stock to ensure that ingredients are fresh as possible to serve the needs of members. Our stock is carefully stored in ideal conditions.
  • All nutrients are mixed in a very clean office using a custom made, stainless steel, 16 quart food processor in Boise, Idaho that is registered with the FDA.
The Co-op was founded to address the needs of ordinary people, like you and me. Nutrition is not "Rocket Science" and GlyCop is simply a group of people that believe great things can be accomplished on a small scale if enough people get involved!
  • Many commercial "food supplements" are over-priced and this issue needed to be addressed. Many people cannot afford to purchase the simplest things we need and often neglect a *Healthful Hardware Plan!
  • Manufacturing was always interesting to me and my years of experience as a Watchmaker enabled me to work at many different jobs and learn a lot about life. The study of nutrition has always been a hobby, until now.
  • Working for HP gave me invaluable insight into manufacturing. I reduced the labor needed for several processes by 50 percent and enjoyed helping people.
  • My experience in maintaining clean-rooms at Micron is useful at the co-op and it gave me great understanding of complicated processes.
  • I still enjoy repairing watches , working on cars, reading scholarly articles and framing houses
  • But, nothing compares to the satisfaction of helping people in the cooperative. Please, help us change the world, one person at a time.
"The Lab" custom mixes each batch as if it were for our own family.  We pay meticulous attention to every detail of your order and use smocks, gloves, masks and hair nets for your protection. Without a doubt, our glyconutrients are some of the best in the world! How's that for a modest statement? Please, try them for yourself and let us know if you agree.

GlyCop Co-op would like to thank the following people for making the cooperative possible.
Terry Labs

Terry Laboratories is proud to introduce CRYO-DRY TECHNOLOGY to the Aloe industry. This brand new cutting edge technology is a patent pending process that is used to produce the finest Aloe Vera powder in the world. The proprietary process preserves the integrity of long chain polysaccharides and therefore, the cumulative health benefits associated with larger chains.

Please visit https://terrylabs.com for more information about Aloe Gold Seal, Cryo Vera and GlySync. 

In Memory of Mike Davis at Dynamune.

Mike supplied our Rhodoplex Red Marine Algae for almost a year at GlyCop. In fact, the co-op would not have existed without his support. He started Apothecarae Dynamune almost 13 years ago and was an inspiration to us all. Mike Davis cared greatly for people and was always willing to help. It will be impossible to duplicate the kindness and dedication of Mike Davis.

Please Visit the Guest Book For Mike Andrew Davis


Mike West

GlyCop Co-op
 Phone: (208) 477-17-fifty  
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