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Bag of Trehalose

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1 each 44 pounds of NON-GM-Trehalose Sugar. 10 Bag Minimum purchase. PLEASE NOTE This product cannot be ordered with other products due to shipping limitations. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery, no-exceptions. Dimensions 45x27x5 inches. Shipping weight is 47 pounds per bag.

PLEASE NOTE: Trehalose can be a problem in the case of two different types of Clostridium difficile infection, if you are exposed to these strains and are otherwise susceptible. At the very least, any person who is suffering from a C. difficile infection should consider eliminating trehalose from their diet for the duration of the infection.
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NOTE:  PLEASE allow 1-2 weeks for delivery, no-exceptions.

Manufactured by: Dezhou Huiyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Dosage: Minimum recommended dosage is 3 level teaspoons 3 times per day. 1 pound should last 8 days at the minimum dosage.

Nutritional Benefits

Its mild sweetness (nearly half as sweet as sucrose), low carcinogenicity, low hygroscopicity, high freezing point depression, high glass transition temperature and protein protection (antioxidant) properties are all of immense interest to food and pharma technologists.

Trehalose is fully caloric and after ingestion is broken down in the body to glucose, but with an even blood glucose response, making it ideally suited for products formulated to provide a natural source of energy for people with any active lifestyle. Treha™ is produced from starch by a proprietary enzymatic process developed by the Hayashibara Company, Okayama, Japan.

We recommend including Treha™ as "trehalose" in the ingredient declaration on the labels of finished foods and beverages.

A footnote is required as follows – "trehalose is a source of glucose".

In The Scholarly Articles

Trehalose may have protective effects for cells and exhibits antioxidant activities. It is also a chemical chaperon and may be directly involved in cell functions including protein folding and signaling. The amount of research on the potential health benefits is overwhelming and we highly recommend this sweetener as a sugar substitute.

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A general review of Trehalose research shows that it may be an essential nutrient in the prevention of many disease conditions. Here are just a few studies.*

New insights on trehalose, a multifunctional molecule: Additional studies on trehalose are needed to address the unknowns.

Novel Functions And Applications Of Trehalose: This study suggests that oral consumption may stimulate bone metabolism and prevention of osteoporosis.

Disclaimer: I am an independant contractor with a direct line to Cargill, the distributer of Trehalose in the USA. We drop-ship Trehalose to your front-door cheaper than anyone can, guaranteed.

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